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STORIES of erratic water supply in Lusaka town by our Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) have become too common for comfort.

Yet the importance of water cannot be overemphasized because more essentially in our bodies, water is essential for life.

Without water, people cannot survive.  Water is intricate in every bodily role, from digestion and circulation through to the control of body temperature and the excretion of waste products.

Although many people take water for granted, it is such a distinctive commodity, very unusual substance which no one on earth can do without.

Many may wish to know that water is a best universal solvent because

many solid substances dissolve in water than in any other liquid in the world. It is imperative to every living thing on earth.

For some of you who may know it, any dearth in normal body water – through dehydration, sickness, exercise or heat stress – can make us feel awful. Put it simply, water is life.

So it is easy to appreciate the rage of residents of Lusaka’s Chelstone Township over erratic water supply to the area by LWSC. In this case the township went without water for solid five days and that is not a pun either.

To add injury to the situation, LWSC did not bother to warn the residents about the impending contrite supply of water to prepare the people for the inescapable.

It goes without saying that many residents who depend on water for their flushing toilets were certainly and severely hit below the belt. The situation they were in is beyond the mind’s eye.

One of the not-so-amused residents, Elizabeth Chilufya, says at least LWSC should have had the politesse to inform the residents when there would be no water supply in the area as water is a very important commodity in every home.

Ms Chilufya says residents were forced to move long distances in search of water because they did not store enough in their homes in the absence of a notice to forewarn them.

 “It’s very sad that every time water goes we are not informed, and it goes for days. We really struggle to look for water. If only they could be giving us a notice and how many days water would go that would be better so that we also plan, especially those with big families,” Ms Chilufya laments.

Another resident, Ruth Mwanza, said LWSC should improve water supply in the area as it had promised earlier on, especially now that the new water tank has been installed.

We also agree with Ms Mwanza for demanding that the company must visit the area and brief residents on the progress of the new water tank and explain why Chelstone still has water challenges.

“LWSC promised us that once the new tank is completed they will improve water supply in Chelstone and surrounding areas. So they should update us so that we know the situation instead of cutting water for days. It’s not fair and at the end of the month they want us to pay the water pills in full,” Ms Chilufya says. 

LWSC public relations officer Nshamba Muzungu says the company is aware of the water challenges the residents of Chelstone and surrounding areas are experiencing and that it will do everything possible to improve the water supply.

We are conscious however that many things in our nation are often easily said than done, but it is our prayer that LWSC will work hard to improve water supply not only Chelstone but also in other areas such Chilenje , Matero and Mtendere Compounds which have recently been in the news over the same issue.

Who  then should be liable for LWSC elucidation that the erratic water supplies in the area are due to power fluctuation at its Iolanda treatment plant and Chilanga boost station?

With impending and unavoidable increased load shedding by ZESCO due to falling water levels at Lake Kariba for power generation, it’s a deva vu situation for Lusaka residents who should expect the vilest 2019.

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