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A TENANT and landlord’s son who walked into a Lusaka local court room as bitter enemies left as friends after they were helped to reconcile.

Gladys Tembo, 24, of Chunga Township had sued the son of the owner of the house she lives in, Kefas Banda, 28, of Lilanda West for compensation for insulting her.

The defamation case was before the Matero Local Court.

Tembo and Banda were appearing before magistrate Miyanda Banda.

Tembo told the court that Banda went to her home and wanted her to give him the full names of her husband.

“I gave him my husband’s name, but he refused saying he wanted the real names. He later asked for my names and phone number, but I told him I did not have a phone and he started insulting me. He also said that I was a villager. He kept on insulting me,” Tembo said.

Banda told the court that Tembo and her husband had a balance from rentals. “They had a balance of March payments. They made a payment and said they would give me the balance the next day, but they did not. I gave them a verbal notice. They never used to contribute to the buying of electricity, which other tenants did,” he said.

“I went to ask for our money. When I went to her place I did not insult her. I went there with a book for them to sign, but Tembo refused. That’s how I called a neighbour to witness. I did not insult her. I left and I just want them out of the house,” Banda said.

Magistrate Banda told both parties that they did not have witnesses, which made it very difficult for the court to arrive at a fair decision.

“We will reconcile you, and if Tembo is not paying go there with respect,” magistrate Banda said.

The court told Tembo that she could not stop someone from going to collect their money for their property.

The court also advised Banda not to insult tenants and advised the two to live in harmony.

Tembo and Banda reconciled and interacted after the hearing.

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