Mapepe cries for health, police posts

Written by on May 20, 2019

CEASAR MBEWE writes                      

RESIDENTS of Mapepe area in Chilanga District, Lusaka Province, have appealed to Government to build them a health post or a police post as crime in the area has been on the rise lately.

The residents told the Sun that accessing medical care was difficult whenever there was an emergency.

They said they had to either go to Kafue or Makeni ZNS Hospital, which was very had to reach in time.

Lives had been lost as a result of the challenges.

One of the residents, Esther Kaoma, a housewife, said she lost her baby on the way to the nearest hospital when she delivered it pre-maturely and needed experts to help her with her situation.

“Here in Mapepe life is hard, especially when you need medical attention or need to report a crime because both the police and the clinic are far. I lost a child on my way to the nearest health facility,” Ms Kaoma said.

 Another resident, Henry Mapopo, a shop owner, said on a date he could not remember in April he was robbed in broad day light and it took three hours for Chilanga police to respond because they were the only station near the area.

Mr Mapopo said crime in Mapepe had always been getting worse because criminals were taking advantage of the fact that there was no police post in the area.

“Here, when thieves are attacking you, you are on your own. No one will dare help you because these criminals move in large groups of 20 to 30, and people are scared to help.

“There is no nearby police post to help. I was robbed in day light and there was nothing I could do,” Mr Mapopo said.

Ward councillor Mwamba Misheck said he was aware of the many problems the Mapepe community was facing, but there was no money from Government to build a police post or a health post.

Mr Mwamba said he had been lobbying for money from both Government and the private sector to cushion some of the challenges his ward was experiencing.

“The council and I we are aware of these problems our people are complaining about, but as you may wish to know the council and Government have no more at the moment to deal with these important issues,” Mr Mwamba said.

He said as soon as money was found he would prioritise the construction of a health post and a police post as part of dealing with the problems in the area. 

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