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A LUSAKA man who had just been released from prison on bail is back in jail after allegedly assaulting his former wife by hitting her with a stick on the head for refusing to move in with him.

Naomi Mwenya

David Manana, who was arrested for impersonating police officers and later got bail after a stint in prison, left his ex-wife in a pool of blood with deep wounds in the head after she refused to move in with him.

Manana, 30, allegedly battered his ex-wife, Naomi Mwenya, 29 of 15 miles for refusing to get back with him.

Naomi Mwenya with her mother

Manana and Mwenya have been on separation since November 2018.

The two have three children together.

Naomi Mwenya with her children

Ms Mwenya told the Sun that she had moved to her mother’s place in 15 miles with her children and household goods when Manana was arrested last November for impersonation.

Mwenya’s mother, Rose Mtonga

Last week Tuesday, she said, Manana went to her mother’s place to get his clothes after he was released on bail.

It was from there where Manana decided to start breaking his household goods and ended up hitting Mwenya with a stick after she refused to go with him.

Some of the household goods Manana allegedly tried to destroy.

“He got his clothes and bade farewell but he came back after a few minutes saying he wanted to destroy his items which were in my mother’s house. That is when he got a firewood stick and went into the house and all of a sudden I just felt a stick on my head and that is how I fell,” said Mwenya.

An emotional Mwenya said she was abused by Manana during the 10 years they were married.

Mwenya said she had thought her husband used to work as a police reserve officer during the time they were married.

And Mwenya’s mother, Rose Mtonga, narrated that Manana ran away after hitting Mwenya with a firewood stick.

Ms Mtonga explained that Mwenya had collapsed after being hit by Mtonga and the matter was reported to Moomba community police station.

“Banamuchaya chimutengo  ku mutu, tinachita chabe kumu doba pansi ninshi ali mu pool ya blood. Ngati kwezelibe otitandizila kumupeleka ku hospital sembe anafela pamene paja because the bleeding was very severe.

“Our neighbour is the one who helped us to take my daughter to a community clinic where we were told by the nurses that they could not attend to us because the wound was too deep. We were then referred to Matero clinic. We reached there around mid-night and were attended to,” said Ms Mtonga.

Manana has since been taken back to Kamwala remand prison.

Ms Mtonga however feels that her family was in danger as Manana could go back and attack her daughter once he was released from prison.

Ms Mtonga who could not hold back her tears asked for assistance from Government to ensure that the suspect paid bride price.

“He impregnated her when she was in grade 11 and started living her. He used to abuse her and he has a bad language. One day he said he would smash someone’s head. He should pay bride price and come get his goods. We are now scared that he might come after my daughter again. We are vulnerable,” Mtonga said.

And narrating how Manana was arrested for impersonation last year, Mtonga said she went to visit her daughter in John but did not find Manana.

“So the following day around 04:00 hours, we heard a knock which was scary.  My daughter went to open the door thinking it was her husband only to find it was a man looking for Manana.

“Bakapokola banangena munyumba batenga na photo yaba David baifaka namutumba inangu babwela papasila banzao. Banabwela bayamba kukambisilana mu matu naku bwela kungena  nakuyamba kusecha,” said Mtonga.

Ms Mtonga said she then called Manana after the police had left to tell him about what had happened who then told her where he was.

 “He was then caught and taken to the police headquarters in Lusaka only to be told that he was found with police uniforms and identity cards,

“He was accused of going round telling people that he was a police officer getting money from people. One victim claimed to have been robbed of some money,” Mtonga said.

When contacted for a comment, acting police spokesperson Danny Mwale said Manana was in prison from the previous offence.

He came out at some point and committed another offence. Now the docket offence of the assault was ready.

“What is remaining is for police officers from Moomba to follow him to prison and take him to the police station where the case occurred and charge him and then take him back to prison. This process will be done next week.”

Mr. Mwale said Manana would be in court for two cases.

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