Wife watches as husband, girlfriend have sex

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A NDOLA housewife has complained in a local court that her husband has a habit of bringing his girlfriend in the matrimonial home and having sex with her in their bedroom while she is around.

The woman said it was her husband’s plan to bring his girlfriends at home so that she could leave as he had already told her he had lost interest in her.

Anita Sakala, 28, pleaded with the court to dissolve her marriage with 35-year-old Emmanuel Tembo.

Sakala said Tembo had been torturing her because of his habit of having sex with other women while she was around.

She said her husband deliberately brought his girlfriend whenever she was around to hurt her since she had refused to leave.

Sakala said she had now given up and wanted to divorce him.

The case was before Kabushi Local Court presiding magistrate Mildred Namwizye sitting with Evelyn Nalwizya.

Sakala told the court that the two of them got married in 2008 and had three children together at their Kakolo Township home.

Sakala said problems started in 2017 when her husband told her that his family members did not want her and that he did not love her either.

She said he packed her belongings and asked her to leave the house, but each time she refused he would beat her and tell her that he was going to kill her if she did not leave.

Sakala said her husband took their children to live with his sister and then started bringing his girlfriend home and they would have sex in the matrimonial bedroom while she was also in the house.

“He does not respect me. He brings his girlfriend and they sleep together while I am in the house,” she said.

Sakala said when she confronted Tembo about his behaviour, he told her it was the only way she was going to leave the house.

She said she decided to stay hoping her husband would change his mind, but that was not happening.

Sakala said what was more painful was that his relatives supported him and that they even liked his girlfriend and wanted him to marry her.

In his statement, Tembo said problems started when his wife could complain about his relatives whenever they visited their home.

He said his wife was segregative as she used to look after her relatives well when they visited but when his relatives visited, she would complain all the time.

“She does not like my relatives, I want to be with someone who can also look after them well because they are my family and I knew them first before she even came in my life,” he said.

He said he had hoped that she was going to change and each time they sat down to sort out the problem, she used to get moody and did not want to listen.

Mr Sakala said his siblings stopped visiting their home because they feared his wife and had no peace because she could complain about them all the time.

In passing judgment, the court granted divorce and ordered Mr Tembo to compensate Ms Sakala K6,000 in monthly instalments of K500.

The court further ordered the two parties to share properties equally.

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