RANDY PASTOR DIVORCED… his marriage to a hairdresser lasted for only 5 months due to a string of lovers

Written by on May 15, 2019


A RANDY pastor who impregnated a girl and later dumped her has been divorced by his wife in a local court.

The womaniser pastor admitted the affair, but told his wife he had been too scared to tell her about it.

Margaret Mwansa, 31, a hairdresser of Makeni, Lusaka, divorced Pastor Morgan Phiri, her husband of five months, at the Boma Local Court.

Mwansa told senior local court magistrate Petronella Kalyelye that Phiri, 42, of John Laing Township married her in December, 2018.

The marriage was only a week old when a woman confronted her at the church.

“My husband is a pastor. One day at church a girl came with a baby on her back and said she wanted to see me. I went outside to talk to her and she told me the baby she was carrying was my husband’s.

“She told me he had impregnated her and abandoned her, and that he did not support the child,” Mwansa said.

She said when she asked Pastor Phiri about it, he remained mute until 04:00 hours in the morning when he confessed that he had been too scared to tell her.

Mwansa invited the jilted young mother to their house the following morning so that they could talk.

“When she came home, my husband agreed to start supporting their child. We kept that issue between ourselves and didn’t involve relatives because the marriage was still new and we didn’t want people to start talking.

“But another time my husband’s phone rang and it was another woman shouting at him. I asked him how many girlfriends he had because I got frustrated. He told me it was just someone from a long time ago,” she said.

Mwansa told the court she did not believe him because afterwards the same woman sent a message threatening that she would expose him in church.

She told the court that three weeks into their marriage, her husband slept out for two days.

When she reported him to his relatives, he fled to the Copperbelt where he lived for two months.

He even opened a church there.

Mwansa said Pastor Phiri was so randy that he even proposed love to her sister, whom he also promised to marry.

In defence Pastor Phiri told the court that he differed with his wife after he stopped her from checking his phone.

“She insulted me so much and made a lot of noise that even my daughter woke up. We only slept around 03:00 hours. She told me ‘I don’t do anything in the house’,” he said.

Magistrate Kalyelye found that there was no proper foundation in the marriage as problems started too early and granted the couple divorce.

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