Chirundu residents turn to Zimbabwe for maize

Written by on May 15, 2019


RESIDENTS of Chirundu have resorted to buying maize from neighbouring Zimbabwe due to delays by the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) to release relief food for sale to the people.

Mr. Joseph Mwiinga of Simaundu village bemoaned the delays due the hunger situation stalking the area.

He said it was worrying that the hunger situation was worsening in the area despite being assured that government will distribute relief maize for sale soon.

Mr. Mwiinga said it was very expensive for villagers from Simaundu, Sitinkwi, Siakalyabanyama among others to be buying maize from Zimbabwe.

“We are buying a bucket of maize at K35 in Zimbabwe and per 50kg bag at K105 and then plus transport cost from Zimbabwe to Zambia and to the specific villages the total amount comes to k150,

 “This pains us when we know that we can spend less if we buy from FRA but there is no maize supplied,” said Mr. Mwiinga.

And Mr. Milambo Mambo of Pambazana also complained that it was very risky especially for women to be walking very long distances to Zimbabwe to buy maize.

“Sometimes they fail to secure border passes and they are arrested in that country,” he said

He appealed to government to send more maize to the already hunger stricken villages.

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