Carpenter fined K4,000 for deflowering girl

Written by on May 13, 2019

RABECCA BANDA writes             

FOR damaging a girl’s virginity and impregnating her, a Lusaka man has been ordered to pay a penalty fee of K 4,000 by the Chilenje Local Court.

Lameck Banda, 37, a carpenter of Bauleni compound was sued by Natalia Phiri, 42, a businesswoman of Kalikiliki compound for deflowering her daughter.

Phiri said the court that her daughter was being kept by her brother in Bauleni compound.

“My brother informed me last year that my daughter was pregnant. I told him to find the man responsible. Later my brother paid a visit to the man’s older brother’s house and informed him of the situation,

“We sat down as a family. We called him and his relatives several times but they did not show up but kept on giving excuses until the child was born,” she said.

Phiri said that was the reason she decided to sue Banda   because from the time he deflowered and impregnated her daughter, he had never showed up.

The two were appearing before presiding senior local court magistrate Patrick Nyirenda.

In defence Banda admitted that after one week into their relationship he had sex with the girl.

“From there she used to pass through my house every day after knocking off from work. She told me that there was a man who wanted to marry her but she wasn’t interested in him. I used to find messages from the same man in her phone.

“As days went by, she informed me that she was pregnant. Her relatives visited my brother to discuss the problem. We stopped seeing each other. She called me when she gave birth and I refused that the child was not mine,” he said.

“If the child was mine she would have told me the first time I asked if she was pregnant,” he said.

The court ordered Banda to pay K4,000 compensation for virginity damage with the first instalment of K1,000 effective June 2019.

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