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A WOMAN who is believed to have died three years ago in Sesheke District, Western Province, has been discovered in the family house where her mother has allegedly been keeping her and using her in money-making rituals.

It is believed the mother and father have been mystically sending the ‘dead woman’ to steal money and mealie meal from people’s homes.

Some residents said the mother has also been using the woman as a mode of transport by turning her into a horse.

The residents said one day the young woman was used to transport her father to Livingstone but arrived late, around 06:00 hours, and was spotted by the neighbours.

The human horse and failed to enter the house and tried to hide, but it was too late because the neighbours had already alerted other members of the community, who rushed to the scene.

“They forcibly entered the house and found her. They also found a fresh log of a tree locally known as Mungongo and when they tried to cut it, the young lady said they should not do that because that was her twin sister,” one resident who claimed to be an eyewitness said.

Police are aware of the story.

Constable Kwaleyela Namasiku said police rushed to the scene after being alerted where they found a crowd and a pastor.

He said the mother of the woman denied the allegation of being a witch saying her daughter was mentally sick.

“She said her daughter has always been in the house and denied that she had died three years ago,” Const Namasiku said.

Police are holding both the girl and her mother for their own safety.

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