Homemade guns big menace in Gwembe

Written by on May 10, 2019


A RESIDENT of Chipepo chiefdom in the Gwembe Valley Bright Milimo has appealed to the Zambia police to conduct a cleanup exercise of searching villager homes and confiscate handmade guns that are being used by the locals to kill their perceived enemies.

Mr. Milimo said it is very sad that the number of people being killed had increased causing fear in the area.

He said that the local people were making guns with ill intentions to kill anyone suspected of practicing witchcraft or to settle land disputes.

He said many locals owing homemade guns were conniving with those having bullets for killing missions

In another development Ms. Melody Nyamfukunza of Gunduza village in chieftainess Chiawa’s chiefdom of Kafue district has expressed fears over the presence of a lion which spotted in her village.

Ms Nyamfukunza said unfortunately the lion had killed and eaten two goats while one was left behind after it was chased by some villagers in the early hours of yesterday.

She was extremely devastated by the development and hoped that the officers from Department of National Parks and Wildlife would camp in the village and chase away the lion.

 Meanwhile, a resident of Simaundu village of Chipepo chiefdom of Chirundu district Stephen Hamaundu has appealed to government to consider putting a solar hummer mill in the area

Mr. Hamaundu said many villages in Sikoongo chiefdom such as Nabbanda,Malengo, Zalaunga among others had benefited  for the solar hummer mills donated by government.

He further said that the area has remained undeveloped while other places were doing so well and wondered why that was so.

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