Chavuma hospital welcomes nursing schools

Written by on May 10, 2019

CHAVUMA Mission Hospital in North-Western Province has refuted allegations that it will block the establishment of a nurse training school earmarked for July this year.
Hospital board chairperson Wallace Kanjungu said the role of missionaries was to ensure people’s lives were improved holistically.
“The rumours that keep circulating that the mission will block the opening of the establishment in July this year are fake. The hospital management and board would never block development aimed at establishing a nursing training school for it is well known that development and learning will be brought closer,” Mr Kanjungu said.
He was speaking during a meeting aimed at reviewing the progress of opening an electronic learning (e-learning) nursing school in Chavuma District.
Mr Kanjungu said the mission hospital did not have the capacity to build a nursing school and called for concerted efforts from all cooperating partners and Government to ensure such a facility was put in place for the benefit of the people.
He said the requests to open a training school, which begun in 2017, were this year approved and that it would be one of the non-training schools that would be near districts like Kabompo, Zambezi and Chavuma itself.
“There are a few situations in which you would find a person from the urban area satisfied when posted to a rural area. Therefore, this will not only contribute to development but also empower residents located in our rural areas with training,” Mr Kanjungu said.
And Chavuma District Commissioner Benjamin Mufunga says Government is ready to partner with various stakeholders in the health sector to improve the delivery of healthcare services.
Mr Mufunga said opening a nursing training school in the district would provide enough staff and professionals that would provide the needed manpower to run healthcare facilities.
He said Government remained committed to working cordially with the Church in initiatives that were aimed at improving people’s lives.
“Residents should know whwther rumours being circulated will benefit them or not. Government will always and at all times be ready to partner with stakeholders in the health sector that have a passion for improving the delivery of healthcare services,” he said.

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