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KASAMA Central Member of Parliament Kelvin Sampa says he suspects that a security guard deployed to man his house stole motor vehicle tyres, batteries and a car washing machine from the garage.

Mr. Sampa said this before Lusaka Magistrate Judith Chiyayika on Monday when he testified as the fourth and last prosecution witness in the case John Fisonga has been charged for stealing brand new tyres for his BMW X5, Range Rover, Nissan Patrol, and Toyota Prado, three brand new batteries, and a jet washing machine altogether valued at K150,960.

He said around December 13, 2018 he used to leave home early as Parliament was in session and had suspended Standing Orders to finish business on the Order Paper and would knock off late.

He said on December 14, 2018, when his workers wanted to clean his vehicles in the morning, they noticed that of the two washing machines, a newer one was missing.

Mr. Sampa said after taking stock of the items in the garage, he discovered that from heaps of new and used tyres, only brand new ones were missing alongside three brand new batteries and the washing machine.

“When I asked the guard who was on duty that day, he said he did not hear of anything and he only took me to the wall fence which was smeared with mud to give an impression that the person who stole the items climbed over the wall fence. “I noticed that the razor wire was not tampered with and there were no foot prints. I concluded that his claim was just a diversion of focus,
“I concluded that, looking at the size and number of items stolen, they could have only been taken out through the small gate that young man (Fisonga) was manning,” Mr. Sampa said.

He said the main gate is motorized and can only be opened using remote controls that are kept by him, his wife, and the live-in maid while Fisonga had keys to the small gate on the material date.

He suspected that the items were stolen in the day when most of the family members were away and that had it been in the night, his vicious dogs could have barked as the garage is just behind his bedroom and that he is a light sleeper.

Mr. Sampa said it could only be a person who knew what was in the garage because a common thief could have gone for anything as opposed to choosing only brand new items.

He said Fisonga’s claim of someone breaking into the garage could not stand because he did not report to him the purported break-in.
In cross examination, Fisonga asked Mr. Sampa what he was found with but the Kasama Central lawmaker said the guard only had a phone which had many dialed numbers that were later deleted after he was handed over to the police.

The court has since found Fisonga with a case to answer and put him on his defence.


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