Divorced woman walks away with K8,000

Written by on May 7, 2019


A LUSAKA man that sued his wife for divorce in the Matero Local Court has been ordered to compensate her with K 8,000.

This was in a matter in which Kelvin Mbulo, 37, of Kabanana sued his wife Marjory Ndawa, 32, of the same compound for divorce
The two were appearing before Magistrate Pauline Newa.

They had been married since 2010, with four children and have been on separation for a month.

“We used to stay in Mandevu until I was transferred to Solwezi, my child got sick so Ndawa came back to Lusaka and she was staying with my in-laws,
“She later called to inform, me that she found a plot and I sent her the money to purchase it. My contract ended and I came back to Lusaka. She asked my in laws to find us a house, when I came I found that the plot was next to my in-laws residence”.

He told his wife that he was not comfortable, and rom that time she stopped listening to him even when he asked her to clean the house.
“She says there is nothing I can tell her. We have sat down 3 to 4 times but nothing is changing as she would tell her mother about everything that we talk about in our matrimonial bedroom,” said Mbulo”.

In defence Ndawa told the court that they used to live well until September 2018.
“I noticed he stopped buying me clothes and he told me if I do not feel good about it I should move out. He does not want me anymore I should go back to my place, I even started working as a maid.

“One time he pushed me out of the house at 22.00 hous and locked me out. That is how I found a 2-roomed house. He does not talk to me I just received a court summon, I still want him because we have children together,” said Ndawa
Magistrate New then advised that when in a marriage couples should not follow other people’s ideas.

“Marriage is about respect, it is not 50/50 affair. You need to see that he is your husband and respect him; you do not even sleep with each other, there’s nothing that can happen in this marriage even if we force it,” she said

The court then granted the couple divorce and ordered Mbulo to compensate Ndawa with K8, 000.
The children will remain in Ndawa’s custody and Mbulo should maintain them with a monthly K600.
Goods bought together to be shared equally.

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