Wheelchairs, food bonanza elate disabled

Written by on May 3, 2019


TWO physically-challenged persons in Lusaka’s Chawama Township could not believe their luck last Sunday when they received ‘blessings’ in form of wheelchairs and assorted food stuffs from the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) constituency leadership.

The beneficiaries were Rodgers Mwamba, aged 65 years who is a double amputee, and 24 year old Simon Lungu, who was diagnosed with sickle cell at birth

The beneficiaries were Rodgers Mwamba, aged 65 years who is a double amputee, and 24-year-old Simon Lungu, who was diagnosed with sickle cell at birth. An exited Mr Mwamba, who spoke in Bemba, could not hide his happiness when he received a wheelchair.
He showered the ruling party with praises for making his movement easier.Mr Mwamba said he was happy for the gesture as it would ease the difficulties he faced in movements.

“Natotela sana kuli bakateka, President Edgar Lungu, na bonse ama leaders ya PF kuno ku Chawama pali ifi ifyo bacita pabushiku bwalelo. Epashili pakuleka. Ndiwansansa pantu naleikalafye mung’anda ukufuma apobamputwilile amolu. Kanshi ifi nomba bampela wheelchair nakulaenda nabwino ukuya kucipatala,” Mr Mwamba said.

Loosely translated he was thanking President Edgar Lungu and the entire PF for the wheelchair because he would no longer face the hardships he used to face since his legs were amputated.
Mr Mwamba, who is married and a father of five, explained that he was amputated because of diabetes-related complications.
“Bamputwile amolu last year mu September. Nakwete utulonda mulandu wa sugar disease. Ilyo naile ku hospital ba doctor balandile ati umulopa taulefika ku molu so yalatampo ukubola elyo baputwile,” he said.

Doctors had told him that blood was no longer flowing to his legs because of diabetes-related sores, and said they had to amputate them.
His wife Mary, 55, also thanked the PF for the gesture saying that it would rekindle the hope of his husband who had been in the house since last year.

And speaking when he handed over the donation on behalf of Chawama Constituency chairperson Joseph Sanji, constituency vice secretary Arthur Banda said the donation was aimed at lifting the financial burden off the shoulders of those looking after the physically challenged.
He said the gesture was to ease the plight of the beneficiaries as part of PF’s commitment to improving the lives of the less-privileged in Zambia.

“The donated items are two wheelchairs, four bags of mealie meal, sugar and cooking oil, all valued at K5,600,
“I am making these donations on behalf of our constituency chairperson, Joseph Sanji, and President Lungu,” Mr Banda said.

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