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Written by on April 30, 2019


A COUPLE seeking to be reconciled by the Boma Local Court has been advised to sue for divorce after efforts to mend their marriage failed.

This was after Dinase Mvule, a 31 year old student took her husband, Gregory Musonda, 39 of Mbala to court for marriage reconciliation after being on 7 months separation.

Mvule told Senior Local Court Magistrate Silvia Kabunda that she and Mr. Musonda got married in 2016 and the following year after they started facing problems because her husband always confided in his relatives instead her.

“I would just receive calls from his sisters complaining and asking me what I did. He has never beaten me but he has bad language and does not speak to me well,

“He would call meetings without even informing me and in those meetings he would say he wants me to go back to my relatives because I wasn’t taught how to stay with a man,” said Mvule

She also told the court that last year in September he sent her to her relatives to be taught, adding that her husband had always been secretive with his phone and even went to bath with it.

“We have been on separation for 7 months and he has never phoned me. We only talk when I call him to ask for things for our child,” said Mvule

In defence Musonda said his wife was irresponsible, wasteful and did not know how to budget.

 ‘When I give her K1, 500 for groceries, she would want to buy things for K600. She would say she left the rest of the money at home I don’t know why. Other times we had to swipe. Had I left my card home, we would have been embarrassed,’ Mr. Musonda stated.

He also said that on more than one occasions, his wife had thrown out food which was in good condition just because it had stayed too long in the freezer.

He also told the court that before he chased his wife from home, he called a family meeting where he said he would leave her if she did not change.

. He also told the court that he did not want his wife as he longed to get back to being a bachelor.

Reconciliation failed and either party was advised to sue for divorce.

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