Chickens land woman in hot soup

Written by on April 26, 2019


THE Boma Local Court has ordered a woman of Lusaka West to pay K800 for the chickens she got on credit in January.

This was in a case in which Webster Chiyembwe, 29 farmer of Garden house dragged Thandiwe Mweene, 36, for failing to show commitment in paying for chickens she took a week ago.

Mr Chiyembwe told Senior Local Court Magistrate Freda Mugala that after Ms Mweene got chickens from him in January, she was given a week to pay K800 for them.
“We have failed to recover the money and I’ve made several attempts to make her give me the money but nothing has happened,” Mr Chiyembwe said

He also told the court that he took Ms Mweene to the police but still things did not go well and another time when he wanted to take her to the police she told him she was too busy.
“I haven’t seen any commitment in her paying and she even told me she was ready to appear before court. That is why I decided to bring her here as a last resort,” Mr Chiyembwe stated.

Ms Mweene did not deny owing Mr Chiyembwe K800 but she told the court that it was not him she had been dealing with.
She had dealing with, Mirriam who he asked her to help sell the chickens because they were too many.

“I called some of my customers and they got some about 26 in total and I got 5. The other client told me her mother had a stroke and I should give her some time to pay,” Ms Mweene stated.
“The next thing I received was a summon. I told Miriam I would pay but I didn’t have cash at the moment. Moreover, my husband hasn’t been paid since January but I can pay the money in 2 instalments,” Ms Mweene stated.

The court found that even if Ms Mweene was not directly dealing with Mr Chiyembwe, she was dealing with an employee of his and he still had the right to sue her.
She was then ordered to settle the K800 in two instalments in the next two months.

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