Court stops defamation case between neighbours

Written by on April 25, 2019

LUCY PHIRI writes        

A LUSAKA local court has ordered a stop of an insult case brought by a businesswoman against a man who has threatened to kill her with a knife.

Maureen Mvula,53, of Lusaka sued her neighbour Armad Bhamji, 45, of Kaunda square for insulting her for no apparent reasons and always threatening to kill her with a knife.

Mvula said Bhamji, had been insulting her for no apparent reasons and he usually drives his car at high speed knowing that they were little kids in the compound.

“He usually drives at a higher speed and whenever we advise him to reduce speed since we have small children he insults us,

“On one occasion, he came straight to my house and started insulting mentioning my name. I came out of the house that’s when he removed a small knife from his pocket and threatened to kill me. I am scared for my life no wonder I brought him to court.” She said.

In defence Bhamji denied insulting her.

“She usually puts stones on the road whenever I want to pass, I am a mechanic and I usually pass with different vehicles for samples and had to drive past stones,” he said.

In submission, Mvula told court that she wanted him to tell her why he insulted her and threatens to kill her.

But Chelstone local court presiding magistrate Mary Namangala ordered an injunction over a case of compensation for insults which Mvula brought to court.

She ruled that it was not always about compensation but about reconciling parties and make them to live in peace.

Magistrate Namangala then directed that the warring parties should not be meeting closely and told Bhamji to stop insulting Mvula or the law will take its course.

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