Cop, wife fail to reconcile in local court

Written by on April 24, 2019


A COUPLE that failed to reconcile in the Boma Local Court has been advised to sue for divorce.

This was a case in which Betty Makina, 28, of Chilenje South sued her husband Francis Sichone, 31, a police officer of Kabwata for marriage reconciliation.

Ms Makina told Senior Local Court Magistrate Freda Mugala that she got married to Sichone in 2016 and they have been going for counseling several times due to disputes in their marriage.

“One time after he assaulted me and injured my daughter in the process, I decided to move away but when we went for counseling we were told to get back,

“ When I tried to talk to him he told me he had found another woman,” said Makina

She further told the court even his friends started telling her that he had another woman who he even moved in with him in Kabwata.
“At last meeting I had with the counselors, they advised me to see his relatives and discuss the way forward but when I did, they told me they did not know exactly what was going on with my husband,” said Makina

She said that when she took her husband to Victim Support Unit, he said in front of the police that he was willing to fix things with his wife.
But immediately they left, he told her that he had no intentions of getting back with her.

Sichone then told the court that he always provided for his wife and his child but that she disrespected him and asked for money for diapers from another man. 

“When I found the message in her phone I lost my temper and slapped her. She went to get 2 medical reports for her and my daughter,” said Sichone

Sichone said that he was not ready to get back with her and he needed time to consult elders first.

He also said that he did not want a divorce because he needed the mother of his child.

The court found that Sichone was not interested in the marriage and advised either party to sue for divorce.


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