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Dr Nellie Longwe Kangwa is a social, business and personal transformation specialist who endeavours to make notable differences in society through specialized empowerment of leaders in their respective areas of expertise to achieve their full potential. She is a published author, executive business and relationship coach; an exceptional relationship builder and a strategic problem-solver.
She is married to Bishop Jacobs Kangwa and together they have 3 children, two boys and one girl.
She is a master Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. She has vast experience in negotiating and mediating, facilitating peace and reconciliation in organizations at personal and corporate levels to gain buy-in and commitment to action.
An astute facilitator and trainer – experienced in designing interactive workshops and courses – she provides tools that bring about change and transformation in the lives of people, and empowers organizations to replicate the processes.
As an accomplished entrepreneur and pioneer, she is the founder and president of Women In the Marketplace (WIM Branding), an organization that trains women to become captains of Industry, and is also the founder and chairperson of Women In the Marketplace Foundation (WIM Foundation), a non-profit organization that helps women in ministry to spiritually align to their purpose. She has founded several non-profit organizations and spearheaded their growth and expansion into various African countries. She is the group chief executive officer of the holding company, Project Life Design Limited which includes consulting and team building with executives in corporate organizations.

She is the founder and spiritual executive head of Liberty In Christ Ministries – the church body, and Liberty Bootcamp, the spiritual clinic were life changing behavioural modification interventions are implemented for a blessed life. The church body includes the Gifted Hands Centre, a community school that teaches both academic and entrepreneurial life skills.
She has proven expertise in helping leaders across Africa in corporate and non-profit organizations to define and align their visions, strategic goals and values. She has assisted several organizations, including churches across Africa, to implement corporate governance principles. It is through her collective experience, passion for God and her broad exposure within these spiritual and business spheres that she has attained success. She has hosted several workshops on talent and career development, wealth mindset and career-family balance score. Her team building workshops have included organizations such as: the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) for leadership strategies and skills in the twenty-first century; the National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) for lifestyle now and after retirement; Black Dot for breaking the ice and communication, conflict and stress management; Let’s Live Institute by adapting the institute’s training programmes to the Zambian coaching environment; and the South African Embassy in Zambia to provide an overview on the development of women in the twenty-first century.
She is the Africa agenda researcher, author and international speaker who has conducted hands-on research and facilitation of meetings to create inter-state strategic planning processes aimed at addressing burning issues among African leaders. She has worked with multiple stakeholders to gather data from leadership in their respective countries, communities, and identifying barriers to change and creating open communication channels to enable the embedding of change initiatives.
Her notable achievements include:
Author and presenter: “Christianity: The secret of Zambia in being one of the war-free countries in Africa. The lessons to African countries” (Maputo International Conference on Peace in Africa, Mozambique, 2012-2013);
Author and presenter: “Repositioning Africa through education” and “Repositioning African women in the 21st century” (African Women Empowerment Forum, South Africa, 2013);
Author and presenter: “The Role of the church in creating and sustaining peace in society” (United Church Conference, Uganda, 2013);
Host: “Creating linkages for African women empowerment” (Trade and Investment Mission, Zambia, 2015); and spearheaded the honouring of the first David Kaunda by women across Africa.
Author and presenter: “Global overview of challenges and solutions for women in the twenty-first century” (hosted by Global Business Roundtable inaugural of woman of character summit – South Africa, 2015);
Host: Corporate Networking – Executive Professionals Group, South Africa – facilitated workshops for groups of executive directors and consultants using real-life individual experiences as case studies. Workshop focused on dealing with relationships and individual growth management, and development of partnerships and alliances. This included Liberty Bootcamp training on Overcoming Obstacles for Change.
Key Skills:
Pioneer and Entrepreneur: Establishment of commercial and non-profit organizations.
Change Management: Facilitates change process to help organizations align their vision, strategic goals and values in order to improve corporate and individual performance.
Training and Facilitation: Designs and delivers interactive, experiential workshops and seminars such as: relationship alliances, cross-cultural communication, culture and behavioural change, developing leadership skills; Designs and facilitates workshops and retreats to achieve desired outcomes and objectives.
Conflict Management and Mediation: Mediates between parties with divergent goals/viewpoints and facilitates win-win solutions.
Coaching: Coaches Individuals and organisations to identify and align their interests, abilities or gifts, career and social roles, thus creating a solid identity to live their purpose and contribute positively to society.
Public and Motivational Speaking: Addresses business, social and church gatherings to provoke social dialogue and motivate people to action for change and improvement of their lives and those of others.

Dr Nellie Longwe Kangwa is the founder and spiritual executive head of Liberty In Christ Ministries and is the pioneer of the life transforming Liberty Bootcamp. She is an executive mentor and relationship coach qualified in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). She is also the founder and president of Women In the Marketplace (WIM Branding) which trains women to become captains of industry and maximize their full potential. She is also the founder and chairperson of Women In the Marketplace Foundation (WIM Foundation), a non-profit organization which helps women in ministry to align to their purpose. She is the chief executive officer of the holding company, Project Life Design Ltd which consults with executives in corporate organizations. She also holds a master’s degree in leadership from University of Roehampton, UK. She has an honorary doctorate in ….. from UNISA. In March 2019, she was conferred with another honorary doctorate in philosophy from Trinity International University of Ambassadors, Atlanta Georgia and the UN Global Chairwoman Award in entrepreneurship. She is married to Bishop Jacobs Kangwa and has three children.

Women have evolved over the century to become homemakers and captains of industry but their make-up has remained a mystery to themselves and their male counterparts. A woman is endowed with God’s wisdom and blessings – and if applied correctly, she can be a giant in her own right to be the help meet that God created her to be. The Make Of A Real Woman is a celebration of a woman’s womanhood and a transformative work of literature that is aimed at uplifting every woman to the position she was initially created to be. This book will take you on a journey where you will uncover:
 The original purpose of a woman
 The essence of a woman
 Where the woman lost it
 Restoration of a woman

Behold! A woman is made

6 Traits that will get you through life and open doors
By Dr Nellie Longwe Kangwa
Bible References
Numbers 13:24- 32
Joshua 14:6-15

Many think that the success and the destiny paths happen by chance, that just because they are talented, called, skilled, beautiful and learned this will get them to the places they so desire.
Reality is that you have to live life intentionally.
There are 6 Traits that one must have as a woman, that will usher into different places and have meals with Kings at their tables without compromising herself.
Joshua Son of Nun in the bible references, was always around Moses, meek as a dove and wise as serpent, Caleb on the other hand also a servant of God but very outspoken and outgoing, received an inheritance promise of land from Moses in the promised land and yet Joshua became leader became no 2 because of his wisdom to know how to position himself even though you don’t hear of him much till moses is gone to a point that he didn’t have to wage war to bless Caleb with the Hebron Land he just spoke a blessing that outpoured for generations to come.
What can we learn from this? We learn that as women we need exercise some traits to be ahead and to have Grace and Favour accompany us
These are the 6traits
Being Flexible in Life and with Life
Having a child like spirit
Having the right attitude
The ability to be Liked- Likeability
Transparent Communication
Service to the Kingdom; Alignment is key

Lets look at these in detail
1.Being Fliexible in and with Life
Not everything is set in stone, what is important is that your understanding of the matter does not move you away from the face of God in the name of being flexible, being flexible allows you to be welcomed and it also shows consideration.

  1. Having a child like spirit
    This is not the same as a childish way or act. This is having the ability to be teachable
    This is about always being positive,not taking things to heart, learning the lesson quickly and getting up and go,its about never losing that innocence within you, being adaptable too but always knowing what keeps you grounded

3.Having the right attitude
Attitude determines altitiude
You attitude will get you far, it will open doors that would seemingly have been closed. Attitude carries a vibration that can bring blessings or not. Consider what attitude you have and check what is around you

  1. Likeability( the ability to be liked)
    As a woman one has to be careful to not cross lines here as some likeability has turned out to be a case of misconstrued information.
    In the quest to be liked, set boundaries because likeability will usher you into kings palace, get ready to dine with royalty its not about your degree or how many connections you have.
    So play your cards right
    Find the good in people and praise them, compliment or uplift
    Learn to build the people around you and package yourself in all ways presentable
    Likeability opens doors you don’t deserve.

5.Transparent communication
Be a person of transparency, be a grounded person, yes we can have truth that things are maybe tough or challenging to the world and mask ourselves but there has to a be a place you can pour out and be absolutely you 100% a place of accountability so that no sin hinders you
Who is that one trusted person that Elizabeth that you go to?a

In serving in the kingdom you need to keep in mind that the one who rewards service is God. As you serve the servant of God you are receiving from Gods bank account of blessings
Reference to Joshua 14:9
There are invisible blessings when you serve the man or woman of God
There Are battles you don’t fight because of the burden that they carry for you
Service provides the secrets of connections
Serving the right person matters too.

Have wisdom have prudence daughters of God
May the Lord bless you

For Further Reading
The prophet who served in Jezebels Palace died and left his widow in debt
1 Kings 18
2 Kings 4

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