Immoral teachers censured

Written by on April 21, 2019


A TRADITIONAL councilor, Edwin Zulu has described as a taboo for teachers to ask little girls to perform seductive dances held in reserve for elderly women (alangizi).
This follows a video of two pre-school girls which went viral in which the toddlers were dancing seductively at a school that has not yet been established.
In the video, the girls were being encouraged to even dance more by the people that looked like female teachers with one man tapping the back of one of them while she was busy with her dancing moves.
Mr Zulu told the Sun in an interview that dances of that nature were meant for the bedroom and taught to deserving ages who had reached puberty age.
“Old women specialized in cultural values were tasked to prepare the girls for moral living in marriage ; there is a component where such dances are taught just to handle a man sexually and these are dances we are seeing being told by parents and teachers,” He said.
Mr. Zulu wondered how teachers in their sane minds could be forcing the little ones dances that he said were immoral in society.
He described the act by the teachers as witchcraft and uncalled for as such dances imposed nothing but psychological effects on children.
He said that some of the traditional teachings had been discarded as they contributed to promote immoral activities among boys and girls, stressing that it was the reason such things should not be taught to the wrong age groups.
He called on government through line ministries to abruptly inspect schools to see that the things that they taught did not corrupt the morals of the children.
He said there was need to sensitive parents and teachers on such matters as it could be the only way such acts could be avoided.

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