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CHILDREN go to school to learn and it is important that what is imparted to them, is that which would benefit them in developing their future.
We do not think that children should be exposed to anything that is immoral, because immorality is evil, sinful and wicked and should be avoided by good people.
When someone is immoral, they make decisions that intentionally violate a moral contract because they do not kn0w what right or wrong means.
So the case of teachers of an unnamed school in Lusaka who encouraged little pre-school girls to perform seductive dances which are solely preserved for elderly women (alangizi) is a typical example of immorality.
A traditional counsellor of Lusaka, Edwin Zulu commenting on the matter, described that act by teachers which went viral on social media as immoral and a taboo.
In the video, the girls are being encouraged to dance more by the people that looked like female teachers with one man tapping the back of one of them.
Mr Zulu says that dances of that nature are meant for the bedroom and taught to deserving ages b ready for marriage and not underage children.
“Old women (alangizi) specialized in cultural values are tasked to prepare the girls for marriage; there is a component where such dances are taught and these are dances we are seeing being told by parents and teachers,” he said.
Mr. Zulu rightly wonders how teachers in their sane minds can be encouraging the little girls to perform such dances.
He describes the act by the teachers as evil and uncalled for as it will have psychological effects on the children.
He says that some of the traditional teachings have been discarded as they contribute to immoral activities among boys and girls, stressing that it is the reason such things should not be taught to the wrong age groups.
He has called on government through line ministries to abruptly inspect schools to see how teachers behaved and ensure that they are not corrupting the morals of the children.
He says that the need to sensitive parents and teachers on such matters could not be over emphasized as it can be the only way such acts can be avoided.
It is hard to understand the motive of these teachers, but whatever the case they deserve some kind of punishment once the truth has been established.
This is important because a teacher serves as an example to his or her pupils, especially during their formative years like in this case.
To stress their importance in our society, there is no doubt that our teachers are given supernumerary and special parental authority under our laws.
Consequently, it is but stating the obvious to assert that teachers must stick to the exacting standards of morality and decency.
There is no dichotomy of morality. A teacher, both their official and personal conduct, must display archetypal behaviour.
Teachers must freely and happily accept restrictions on their conduct.
In other words, the personal behaviour of teachers, in and outside the classroom, must be beyond reproach.
From the above, it seems apparent that when teachers engage in such activities, especially when the parties are minors, such behaviour amounts to immorality, justifying their termination from employment.
It is therefore imperative for the government and other stakeholders to thoroughly investigate this matter and ensure that culprits get what they deserve in the course fairness and justice.
This is because we all know that being a teacher, they must live up to the high moral standards required of their positions.
What happened at this school is immoral and should not be allowed to spread its tentacles in our nation.

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