Reverend divorced for adulterous behaviour

Written by on April 17, 2019

A FORMER pastor of Lusaka has been divorced by his wife in the Matero Local court for making her grade 6 cousin pregnant among other problems.
This was in a matter in which Cecilia Nalwamba,35, of Lilanda sued her husband Genesis Siulwamba, 39, for divorce.
Nalwamba told magistrate Pauline Newa that they got married in 2007 but have been on separation for over 2 years.
“I have not really enjoyed my marriage because our problems started when our first born was 6 months, I was looking after my cousin who was in grade 6 and she got pregnant and when I questioned her she told me that my husband was responsible,
“He was a reverend at UCZ church, I even called the Bishop to inform him about what transpired. My husband was at a funeral when I found out, I sent him a text and he responded saying ichilubo chilubo whether it’s outside or in the house”.
Later they went to see the Bishop and Siulwamaba said he used to give the little girl her family planning pills and was surprised that she was pregnant.
“We were given a week to sit down and discuss as a family, he was removed as a reverend and that’s how I left him. His mother came to get the girl and we sold all our household goods,” said Nalwamba “.
In defence Siulwamba told the court they used to live well until he discovered that Nalwamba had a lover.
“It is an old relationship. When I went to train as a reverend she was already seeing that man and she would even bring him into our matrimonial home on weekends,
“I even found messages in her phone and she admitted that she was having an affair for which she apologized and I forgave her. However she continued communicating with him and they would plan on how she wanted me to chase her,” he said
He said the two would send each other videos and pictures and she had been pushing for divorce that’s how she came up with those allegations.
“If it was true she would have reported me to the police and NGO’s. We can’t reconcile because her heart is somewhere else. If she thinks like this, she is even capable of cutting off my manhood,” said Siulwamba “.
“You were committing adultery while in marriage; you cannot revenge like that, there is no compensation because there is adultery . Siulwamba will maintain his child with K300 effective this month end.
The court granted the two divorce with no compensation.

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