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A LUSAKA woman has sued her husband for divorce for sleeping around with different woman and for impregnating three women of the same compound. She said her husband doesn’t touch her and always shouts at her whenever she tries to talk to him.
She said they got married in 2002 and have two children together but dowry was not paid
Given Banda, 33, of Mtedere Township was appearing before Chelstone Local court Presiding magistrate Mary Namangala in a matter in which she sued her husband of 17 years Spenser, 39, of the same area.
She said she moved out of the house and went to her mother’s place because of the husband’s behaviour.
‘’My husband drinks beer and whenever he comes home he beats me and threatens to kill me. He impregnated three women in our compound and whenever I try to settle things with him he usually becomes upset and beats me up. I am tired of the marriage and all I want is to divorce him,” she told the court.
Meanwhile, the defendant told court that he didn’t want the marriage to end that he still loved his wife because of the children they have together.
‘’ We were living in peace without quarrels in the early days of our marriage and problems begun when my wife started denying me conjugal rights no wonder I had to go outside to relieve myself as a man. Yes I impregnated another woman because my wife was refusing to have sex with me,” he said
Chelstone local court magistrate Mary Namangala then dismissed the case since dowry was not paid and she told both parties that they were free. She advised the man to pay dowry if he really loves and wants the wife back.

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