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Written by on April 14, 2019

Located in the heart of Lusaka’s Matero Township is Miracle Impact Church, which has clocked 10 years since its founding.

Founded by flashy Senior Prophet John General, Miracle Impact now boasts of an ever growing membership which has reached a whopping 15,000 congregants in one single Sunday service and 34 branches across Zambia and outside including United States of America, South Africa, and Democratic Republic of Congo.

In an interview, Prophet John said he was called to God’s ministry at the tender age of eight to deliver people from various challenges of life.

“God called me when I was only eight years old and gave me the mission to free people tied by various challenges. I have been doing this through miracles and deliverance. This is the mission God gave me.

“Our ministry in Zambia is now reaching 10 years with membership at our headquarters here reaching 15,000 people in one Sunday service. Our ministry is found in America, South Africa and Democratic Republic of Congo,” Prophet John said.

He added: “Our miracles are performed in different ways. The disabled walk, people with HIV are cured. God’s power is seen over impossible cases.”

He said his main reliance is on the Bible scripture of John Chapter 8 verse 47, which puts emphasis on people to listen to God’s word.

“Everyone has rights over their children to be responsible for their livelihood, which includes feeding and educating them. The same applies to our Father in Heaven. He takes charge of our lives and children are supposed to listen to their father.

“He is the Word and a child of God is the one who listens to him. God has the right to help his children in whatever they ask from him. Those who are not seeing miracles in their lives must ask themselves if they are children of God or not,” Prophet John said.

He said God is ready to cure and deliver those who listen to Him, adding that the main principle of every Christian must be listening to God because the Bible says in the beginning there was the word, in which everything on the earth was created.

“God is the word and if you receive the word, you will receive his power, which will be seen in your actions. It is the same with me, if I know that if I ask for God’s power I will receive it and if any issue seems impossible it will become possible.

“For us God’s servants, what I would like to ask is to stand on God’s word. When we stand on it, God will take charge of our affairs.  He is our Father and He will not neglect us.”

Prophet John also runs a Christian television channel dubbed Healing Centre on Top Star whose frequency is 113 and it shows miracles, testimonies and strengthening Christianity.

He added that he and his church recognise that every national leadership is chosen by God.

“According to the mission and vision I have, President Lungu was chosen by God at the moment and we need to respect him. It is God who choses and removes leaders so we respect the current leadership.”

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