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PANIC and fear griped residents of Kabwe’s Makandanyama Compound when a man stabbed himself on the neck using a knife and also attempted to cut his manhood in a bid to try and end his life after he reportedly discovered his wife had an extra marital affair for about five years. 

The man, identified as Lambert Mubanga, earlier hit his wife, Prudence Chishimba, with an iron bar on the forehead and fled the house through the window after an argument over her alleged extra marital affair.

An eye witnesses told the Sun that Mr Mubanga fled for fear he may have killed the wife who sustained a deep cut on the forehead and was lying unconscious in a pool of blood.

George Mofya, who lives in the neighbourhood, explained that Mr Mubanga’s daughter, Gloria, alerted the neighbours, around 08:00hours on Tuesday that her mother has been badly assaulted and was unconscious.

Mr Mofya said the neighbours quickly came to the aid of Mr Mubanga’s wife while some of them went after the fleeing husband and managed to capture him and brought him back home.

He explained that the neighbours told Mr Mubanga to hand himself to the police for assaulting his wife, when they brought him back home, but he reportedly  declined saying “call them, they will find me at home”.

Mr Mofya explained that while waiting for the police to arrive, Mr Mubanga, who was under strict monitoring, excused himself on the pretext that he wanted to use the toilet.

“He took unnecessarily long in the toilet so I asked one of the elders to check on him and find out what he was still doing there,” explained Mr Bwalya.

He said, “As the man was about to call out to him, one of the children in the  crowd that had gathered shouted saying ‘look what he has done to himself’ and we all watched in despair as he was covered in blood.”

Mr Bwalya narrated that Mr Mubanga walked a few steps, fell to the ground in front of his house and people rushed to check what was happening to him but found that he had stabbed himself in the neck.

Another witness, Phoebe Mwanza, explained that Mr Mubanga declined to be taken to the hospital when the neighbours suggested that he be rushed there.

According to Ms Mwanza, Mr Mubanga told them “I’m dying because I have also cut my manhood and thrown in into the toilet because for five year I have not had sex with my wife, she refuses because she has a lover”.

She explained that Mr Mubanga, who still lay in front of his house, also explained how his two daughters, Gloria and Victoria, had allegedly disrespected him to the point of beating him every time he quarrelled with his wife.

The eye witness said Mr Mubanga also cursed his daughters saying “in the same way I cut my manhood is the same way I have cut my ties and blessings for my daughters for being disrespectful to me as their father since I used the same manhood that I have cut and thrown away to give birth to them”.

“He went on to say that, ‘The only children I have are my two sons and my daughter who is married in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I’m therefore asking you people not to tell her if at all I die. I will tell her myself in spirit. My wife and my two daughters should never shade a tear for me. They will be seeing me in the pit latrine were part of my body lies’,” explained Ms Mwanza. 

And Central Province Police Commissioner, Chola Katanga, confirmed that Ms Chishimba reported she was assaulted by her husband Lambart Mubanga and that she sustained a deep cut on her head after being hit with an iron pipe.

Mr Chola also confirmed that the victim’s husband attempted to take his own life by stabbing himself and cutting his manhood half way. 

He said the couple had been admitted to Kabwe Central Hospital where they were receiving treatment.

The police chief said Mr Mubanga faced possible arrest for assault and attempted suicide.

And Kabwe Central Hospital Medical Superintendent, Victor Kuswenji, said Mr Mubanga was recovering well after undergoing an injoining surgery while his wife had been discharged.

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