Zambians should support each other-ME2U

Written by on April 10, 2019


ZAMBIANS should learn to help one another because tangible help comes from the real neighbours, says ME2U Foundation founder and president Griffins Mandanda.
Mr Mandanda has since challenged well-meaning and indigenous Zambians not to rely only on donors but also on themselves.
“If I don’t have salt, I can’t go and get it from someone who is not my neighbour, but I will instead, get it from my immediate neighbour and surly he will assist me,
That was the reason he had to come up with an initiative of setting up a foundation to promote neighborliness among Zambians on a large scale.
“I developed this idea in 2009 when I used to stay in Chaisa compound. We would assist one another on a small scale basis and would share the essentials with the neighbours such as salt, mealie meal and the like. This tempted me to try and bring it on a large scale,” he said.
The aim of this initiative was to help youths identify their talents, such as dancing, singing as well as sporting activities.
“But to support these programmes we depend on contributions and so far, we don’t have overall sponsors. ” he said
He said Me2U Foundation has been in existence since 2015 and has run a number of projects across Zambia and has branches, in Lusaka, Chirundu and Chingola.
Ms Michelle Msimuko a member of the foundation also appealed to the relevant authority to help the organisation so that it could go far and change the lives of young people.
“The organisation has since embarked on a number of programmes such as Wise up and Rise up project for the youths to try and change their lifestyles,” said Msimuko.

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