Carpenter ordered to reimburse mother-in-law K2, 000

Written by on April 9, 2019


A LUSAKA carpenter man has been ordered the local court to immediately reimburse her mother-in-law the money paid to him to manufacture chairs for her but reportedly failed to deliver.
Steven Mwanza, 31, of Chazanga Compound, was ordered to refund K2, 000, to Martha Phiri which she paid him in advance for the chairs.
Presiding magistrate Miyanda Banda, ruled that Mr Mwanza would refund the K1, 500 he was paid by his mother-in-law and with K500 interest to bring it to a total amount of K2, 000.
In her submission to court, Ms Phiri said that Mr Mwanza was her son-in-law and that she gave him a K1, 500 on February 3, 2018 to make some chairs for her but had to date failed to deliver them.
“He told me he would immediately make the chairs but a month has now passed and nothing has been done. I went to inquire about what was happening and he promiosed to come to see me but he hasn’t,” complained Ms Phiri.
She said that she wanted him to refund her her money because it looked like he had failed to make the chairs.
“I just want him to give me back my money because it seems he has failed to make the chairs,” said Phiri.
Mr Mwanza admitted owing his mother in-laws some money for the chairs but said that he could not make them because he was unwell.
“I admit I have her money and I am not refusing to pay. I was unwell and that’s why I could not make he chairs. Let her give me up to the month end I will make the chairs for her,” said Mwanza”.
Magistrate Banda said, “It is unfortunate that you would get money from your mother-in-law but fail to deliver. You were infact supposed to make the chairs for her for free”. “It is shameful to crook your in laws. The court has added interest of K500 to make it K2, 000 and this money should be paid by April 30th,” ruled the court.

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