‘Stingy’ hubby divorced

Written by on April 8, 2019

A man of Lusaka’s Garden house area has sued his wife for divorce claiming she was careless with ration money.
Thomas Sipalo, 35, a businessman sought the Kanyama Local Court to end his three years marriage with Monica Mwakalombe, 30, of the same area, claiming she was in the habit of misusing ration money.
Mr Sipalo told court that his wife always disobeyed him and misused money whenever he sent her to buy household goods despite teaching her how to budget.
“I have several times sat her down to teach her how to budget but she doesn’t listen. She buys clothes for herself and goes playing betting games every time I give her money to buy food for the house. I am now tired and want a divorce,” He said.
Mr Sipalo and Ms Mwakalombe got married in 2016 and have two children, a boy aged 7 and a girl aged 4.
But in her defense, Ms Mwakolembe said her husband was stingy with money and that she sometimes used the money to buy herself clothes because he never bought her any.
“This man has never bought me any clothes, not even underwear. I have to use my own initiative to buy them and that why I sometimes use ration money. He also beats me every time I ask him for money for my hair,” she said.
After testimonies from witnesses to both parties, the presiding magistrate Mubukwa Matalaka granted the couple divorce with compensation for fear of the matter degenerating into gender based violence.
The Court further ordered the families from both sides to make sure that the property was shared equally and that the children should remain with their mother as they were still young.

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