Man who kissed, spitted saliva into 7- year old boy mouth sued

Written by on April 6, 2019

A MAN of Lusaka’s Chipata Overspill who was found kissing and later spitted saliva into a 7 year old boy’s mouth has been dragged to the Matero Local Court for unbecoming behaviour.
Lontia Phiri,49, Chipata Overspill has sued Oscar Daka,39, of the same compound for kissing her grandson and later spitting saliva into his mouth.
Phiri told local court magistrate Harriet Mulenga that she did not know Daka personally and that it was only after the incident that she got to know him.
“My grandson and his friends were playing football and Daka got the ball, telling them that the one that fails to catch the ball he will eat him. My grandson failed then Daka started kissing him and spitting saliva into his mouth and licking him all over his face,.
“when I knocked off I was told what transpired and I later went to Daka’s residence and took him to my house and he started apologizing saying he didn’t know what he was doing,” she said
She however later took him to the police where he spent the night and was released the following day and police advised her to take Daka to court.
“I just want the court to teach Daka a lesson so that he does not repeat what he did to other kids,” said Phiri
The juvenile told the court that Daka got the ball from him and told him and his friends that he would eat whoever failed to catch the ball.
“He pushed me to the ground and started licking my mouth and head, he then started spitting saliva on me” said the juvenile
Magistrate Mulenga ordered that the child to be taken to the clinic for tests and adjourned the matter to April 8 for judgment.

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