Man ‘courts’ wife for denying him sex

Written by on April 3, 2019

A MAN of Lusaka’s Garden Park has sued his wife for divorce in the Kanyama Local Court claiming that his wife refused to have sex with him for six months but instead preferred to masturbate him.
Martin Nkonje, 30, wanted the court to separate him from his wife, Mwansa Kasonde, 28, a business woman of Makeni Konga, whom he said was no longer interested in sex.
Mr Nkonje told the court his marriage to Ms Kasonde, with whom he has a 5 year old child with, was alright until late 2018 after she started running a boutique business and refusing to have sex with him.
Mr Nkonje said that though he had never caught his wife cheating or chat with other men, he was shocked when she told him she was no longer interested in sex and she would masturbate him every time he felt like having sex.
“We were ok and none of us had ever cheated. I was just shocked that my wife woke up one day and refused to have sex with me but instead offered to help me reach orgasm using her hands. It’s now six months since I had sex with her,” Mr Nkonje said.
He said that his wife had not told him anything regarding her decision and apart from asking him to be patient with her and assuring him everything would be back to normal soon.
Ms Mwansa, in her defence, told the court she did not want to divorce her husband because she loved him very much and that all she was doing was praying and fasting to boost her business.
She said her husband was fond of mocking her church and therefore could not even bother to explain things to him because she knew he would not understand.
“I love you my husband. Please do not divorce me because soon, my fasting will be over and you can have me. All I am asking of you is to patient with me a little bit,” Ms Mwansa stated.
In passing judgment, magistrate Mubukwanu Matakala, ordered the couple to discuss their problem with their parents and church elders to find a solution to it.
The magistrate observed that it was not it was not in the interest of courts to end marriages but only considered it in circumstances which were beyond redemption.
“There is hope in this marriage because the couple still loves each other,” said the magistrate.

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