Wife sued for changing children’s surnames

Written by on April 2, 2019


A LUSAKA man has sued his wife for divorce for changing surnames of their children amid claims he has failed in his duties as a father.
Before Chelstone Senior Local Court Magistrate Charity Milambo and presiding magistrate Kennedy Mutale was Noah Mwale, 29, of Chainda compound who sued his wife Diana Njobvu, 25, of the same area for divorce.
Mwale told the court that apart from changing the surnames of his children, Njovu accused him of being an irresponsible father who failed to buy food at home and pay school fees.
He said Njovu had to find a boyfriend who could help her financially.
He alleged that his wife was promiscuous such that she deleted text messages every time she received calls from men on several times.
He said after going on separation with his wife because of marital disputes she decided to have a boyfriend whom she claimed supported her.
‘’I received a shock of my life after learning that my daughters’ surnames were changed after seeing their school documents. I asked my wife why she changed the names, and she told me that I am no longer their father since I don’t support them of which I do,” said Mwale .
‘’My wife has even stopped doing house chores. She doesn’t treat me well and does not respect me as a husband and always wants to compete with me,’’ he said.
In defence, Njobvu told the court that she came out of the marriage in 2017 because of a certain lady Mwale impregnated.
“He always complained that he wanted to marry a virgin whenever we had misunderstandings, that is why I left him so that he could go and look for a virgin because as a mother of two I can’t be a virgin again. Family has tried to sit us down but to no avail,” said Njovu
In submission, Mwale told the court that all he wanted was to divorce his wife.
Court ruled that since dowry was not paid, there was no marriage and the two were just living together as a boyfriend and girlfriend.
The court however ordered Njovu to change back the surnames of the children’s of biological father’s name, Mwale.

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