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A local court in Lusaka has dissolved a three-year old marriage in which the husband sued the wife for divorce, accusing her of being unfaithful and disrespecting him.

The Boma Local Court ruled that the marriage between Phillip Zulu, 33, of Mtendere Township and his wife Chiluba, 27, of Matero Township, could no longer hold because the two no longer loved each other.

Chiluba, in her submission, said that the two, who had a child together, lived well from the time they married in 2016 until later on when her husband developed a temper and would beat her at the slightest provocation. “He stopped buying things for the house and would beat me over trivial matters. Sometime even when I simply told him the clothes he was wearing were dirty,” said Chiluba.

She told the senior presiding magistrate Gaston Kalala that, “One time my husband got upset when I simply phoned to tell him there was no mealie meal at home.” “My husband wanted us to go and live at his parents’ house in Mtendere but I refused, and that also angered him,” she stated. Chiluba accused Mr Zulu of failing to buy clothes for their child  from the time they separated in 2018.

 “I took him to court for reconciliation but he has not followed the advice from the court, so I want a divorce,” Chiluba stated. Mr Zulu, in his statement, narrated that the problems in their marriage started after they shifted to Matero Township when the wife began telling him he was a dirty person and that he should never enter the house while wearing his shoes because they were bringing dirt into the house. He said that, “She once left my shoes   outside the house for two weeks and used a pair of my trousers to mop the floor.

” “She told me she didn’t want to marry a poor man like me and refused to stay with me in Mtendere. She instead opted to live by herself in Matero Township,” Zulu said. “I once found a message on her phone calling her a ‘sperm chamber’ from some woman who claimed she found her number in her husband’s phone,” said Mr Zulu said. He accused her of taking Masai men to their house to plait her hair without informing him. “She has never stayed without food in the house, and all I did was to caution her about misusing food,” Zulu said. Zulu said his wife prayed that they would be divorced. The court granted the divorce and ordered the man to compensate his ex-wife with K4, 000.

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