Randy hubby caught pants down

Written by on March 28, 2019


A LUSAKA woman has sued her husband of 28 years for married reconciliation after she caught him having sex with another woman outside her house.

She said she caught her husband red handed on top of another woman and managed to grab his shirt as evidence.

This is a case in which Doris Banda, 43, of Avondale was appearing before Chelstone Presiding Magistrate Mary Namangala in a matter in which she sued her husband Steven Kondo, 41, for reconciliation and family support.

 “We got married in 1991 and we have eight children together of which dowry wasn’t paid. I have never known peace in my matrimonial home since we got married such that I don’t even know his salary and I have never seen his payslip ever since he married me,

“I suspected my husband of having a girlfriend because of his behaviour recently.” Banda told court.

She said one day she asked Kondo for money to buy relish but he said he did not have any and left the home.

“My conscious couldn’t let me alone so I decided to follow him behind to see where he was going because I knew he wasn’t going for work. Later I discovered he was going to his girlfriend’s place,” said Banda

Banda further told court that as soon as his husband reached his destination, a woman came outside in a string top and a chitenge to meet him.

“I was surprised to see my husband dropping his trousers half way as he was opening the zip telling the woman to lie on the floor, and in no time my husband was on top of her,” she said.

She said after seeing what was happening, she managed to grab Kondo’s shirt and the woman’s top and started shouting “Hule” so that people could come and see what was happening.

“My Husband doesn’t support the children and doesn’t pay rentals I do all this by myself. I work as a maid in Avondale area  and the money I get is not enough to cater for all the expenses,” she said

In defence, Kondo said his wife also contributed to his behaviour because she did not care about him anymore and always left him alone without any form of communication and attention..

But Banda said all she wanted was to reconciled so that her husband can start supporting the children.

The court however threw out the matter because dowry was not paid, meaning here was no marriage between the two.

Magistrate Namangala advised Banda to sue for child maintenance.

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