MPONDELA HAILS NOCZ …for being elected youngest member of NOCZ board

Written by on March 28, 2019


ZAMBIAN athlete Suwilanji Mpondela says she is elated for being youngest elected person to the local National Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ) Board.

Mpondela said being youngest elected member of the local Olympics board was exciting and an inspiration to not only young people but women at large.

Speaking in interview with the Sun Sport, Mpondela said she was also the youngest member of the board in Africa having being elected to represent Zambia Amateur Athletics Association of Zambia (ZAAA) on the NOCZ alongside fellow athlete Sydney Siame.

“All sports affiliate federations in Zambia seconds representatives, to NOCZ, which is two athletes from each federation, hence I was seconded and elected alongside Sydney Siame and I am the youngest person on the board which also makes me the youngest committee chairperson in Africa,

“I was first elected as athletes commission member of NOCZ, then afterwards there were second round of elections held for the commission’s chair; I won that round as well , making me the youngest person on the NOCZ board,” said Mpondela

Mpondela furthers said that her election to the NOCZ board was an inspiration to young people, adding that age was never a barrier to success.

“As a young person I don’t really look at age much as I don’t see it as a barrier to achieving my goals and it won’t stop me from being the voice of my fellow athletes, because it does not only inspires young people but also inspires young females to go for their dreams by giving youths confidence to pursue their sporting careers,” she said.

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