Man sued for oral sex

Written by on March 28, 2019


A HEAVY silence fell in the Matero Local Court when a woman revealed that problems in her marriage started after husband insisted on ‘eating’ her private part every day.

Cecilia Banda, 26, of Chisamba who  sued her husband Mike Banda, 31, of Chipata compound for reconciliation said her husband also asked her to be ‘eating’ his manhood so that they could live together forever.

Cecilia however told Local court magistrate Miyanda Banda sitting with Harriet Mulenga that she wanted to reconcile with her husband because she still loved him although he had a lover.

“We started having problems when he began asking to eat my private part saying it was love.  I did not tell my family about it. He also asked me to start eating his manhood saying it would make us live together forever,

“He warned me if I didn’t do that he would look for a woman that would do what he wanted,” said Cecilia.

She went to live in Chisamba for two weeks and in her absence Mike brought another woman in the house.

 “I noticed there was a woman because I found facial powder that did not belong to me. He admitted having brought another woman in the house.  We fought and he went out without leaving us with any food,” she said

The two had been on separation for 9 months and together have two children.

“I still love him and I want the marriage between us to continue,” said Cecilia

But in defence Mike told the court that he did not love Cecilia anymore and wanted her to go and live with her relatives for a year so that they could teach her how to respect him.

“She insults my mother and she doesn’t respect me, I had sent her to her relatives in the hope they teach her how to look after her marriage,

“She still denies to apologize to my mother and has not changed,  a bit, moreover she is the one that asked me to be eating her vagina,”  said Mike

The court, after assessing the evidence before it, ruled a failed reconciliation because it could not be forced on anybody. 

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