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The most important person in everyone’s life (a part from God) must be our mother, yes a mother. Don’t get me wrong, fathers are important too. But mothers are the best gift God has ever given to us (apart from Jesus Christ). Mothers are the one that don’t just simply carry us for about 9 month without a single groan, but she will always be there to guide us in good ways every single day.

Mothers are the one who don’t just give birth to us without complaining about all the pains they have been through, but they are our teacher, our mentor and best of all our friends. Our mothers are one of the people we must respect and love each and every day not just only on international women’s day. Everyone in the world has someone who means a lot to them, for me, my mother is the best mother in the world and I love her so much, I appreciate her each and every day. My relationship with her cannot stand in comparison with any other relationship on earth. It is in fact unique and incomparable.

My mother actually is an ordinary woman but in her lies an extraordinary courage, perseverance, unselfish soul and a very kindly heart. Ever since I can remember, my mother has been a strong individual. After the death of my father in the year 2006, she raised my brothers and sisters and I financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually by herself. My mom gave her all, by that I mean, she used to wake up early in the morning at 4a.m bake some scone and there after sit by the roadside the whole day selling the scones, ice blocks and iced water to make sure her children ate properly, and that they had the essential amenities to grow happily and successfully. It is true that “a tortoise does not have breasts, but she feeds her children”. Mother, herself stopping school in grade 7, she didn’t have the highest education, but she made sure that all her children went to school and completed their education. I now call her an educated woman. For she has taught me more than anyone else, not only inspired me the strength to overcome hardships in my life, but also gave me and continues to give me invaluable life lessons. I now believe that “however, inconvenient the path to the nest, the brooding hen will get to her eggs.”

Mother strained every nerve to ensure a brilliant and dazzling future for us. She made every effort that we were happy and exerted herself physically to the greatest possible extent to educate us. Reflecting on a this, have come to believe, at her best a mother is the one person in life who just want her children to be happy. She wants her children to exist fully without any demand a part from seeing to it that her children are flourishing, breathing and just being happy. Surely no relationship on earth is so fulfilling, passionate, so deep seated, so sincere and so genuine as one existing between a mother and her children.

It is based on the highest and most unselfish form of love. It is for this reason and many others I want to encourage all the mothers who are highly responsible, who strain every nerve to ensure a bright future for their children that you are a precocious gift to the world. Some may doubt because when you compare yourself to other women, you may feel inadequate or inferior.

You may think you are not important because you never earned a collage degree or held any kind of position or held down an important job. But just raising your kids in a right way, just for the sacrifices you are doing for your kids you are more important and more value than you will ever know!

Mother’s don’t ever underestimate your importance. Did you make mistakes along the way? YES! Did you always do everything perfect? NO! You are human and humans make mistakes. But don’t ever forget, as a mother, you are part of the greatest person that has ever existed. You are a partner with God in creation. You will never stop being a mother. From the day God first entrusted that child into your care until you draw your last breath, you will always be a mother. Even when your children have children and grandchildren of their own, they will still need your love, your counsel and your advice from time to time. And it is those things they will miss most about you when you have gone to be with the Lord.

The author is a pastor in the Reformed church of Zambia, and serving at Kalichero congregation in the Eastern Province.  He is  also a psycho social  counsellor and currently studying at the The Protestant Theological University in Netherlands. 

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