Mum begs court to discipline unruly son

Written by on March 25, 2019



A Lusaka woman has taken her son to court for allegedly insulting her almost on a daily basis for unknown reasons.

She said that she wanted the court to help instil some morals in him because she had failed as a mother.

Melody Namutowe, 66, of Mtendere Compound told the chelston local court that, “I’m greeted with insults every morning, but I am now tired. This boy is a drunkard and he smokes marijuana. I am now scared because he could do anything to me.”

“I am appealing to the court to help put him back on track,” she stated.

Ms Namutowe told Chelstone local court presiding magistrate, Mary Namangala, that the harassment by her son, Damson Changalilo, was unbearable and now was even having an effect on her health.

“He insults me like I’m not his mother whenever he drinks and smokes, and tells me to die and go to hell and drinks whenever I try and stop him,” she said.

She accused Damson of occasionally selling her household items just to raise money for alcohol.

She told the court that she had never known peace ever since Damson completed grade 12 in 2015 and that help by other family members to control him had also failed.

“They took him to Chainama Psychiatry thinking he had a mental problem but they found nothing wrong with him,” she said.

Ms Namutowe said, “I gave him money to pay school fees at one time but he squandered it. I lost trust in him from that point.”

Damson, in his defence, apologised to his mom for his behaviour and promised it would not happen again.

“I am sorry mom it will never happen again,” he stated.

But Ms Namutowe begged court to still find a way to discipline him as she was fed up.

The magistrate ordered that the defendant be referred to the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) for counselling.

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