Driver ordered to pay K5,000 damages

Written by on March 25, 2019



A thirty five year old driver of Lusaka’s Matero Township has been ordered by court to pay K5, 000 for impregnating his girlfriend.

Chalu Moonga was ordered by senior local court magistrate, Prudence Bwalya, to pay the damage fee to Emmanuel Chisompola, a businessman of Chawama Compound, whose niece he had impregnated but failed to attend a meeting called to discuss the matter.

Mr Chisompola had told court that they summoned Mr Moonga to a meeting when his niece informed him she was carrying the latter’s baby but he proved to be unavailable.

“Che china dabwisa ba Moonga sibana onekele mpaka mimba yafika 7 months. Day yamene banaonekela, banafika chabe kuma 18hrs ati ‘nabwelo tenga mukazi wanga,” Mr Chisompola stated. (What surprised us is that Mr Moonga was nowhere to be seen until the pregnancy was 7 months. He only came around 18:00hrs and requested to take my niece).

He said that they had agreed, as a family, not to let her niece shift to Mr Moonga’s place because she was not married to her.

“Bana chita insist aba ati bafuna kumutenga but tina kana ati tradition yatu, simwamene tichitila vintu ,” Mr Chisompola said. (He insisted on taking her but we declined because that was not according to our tradition)

He said that they arranged for another meeting the following week but Mr Moonga did not again show up but instead only phoned Mr Chisompola that he was not able to make it but should instead take the niece to his house.

He told court that they decided, as a family, to sue Mr Moonga because he did not show commitment to meeting the lady’s family to discuss the way forward.

In his defence, Mr Moonga denied ever demanding for the lady to come home but that he only informed her aunt that he was ready to marry her and take her home.

“They twisted the story by saying that I went to demand for her to come home, because I did not,” Mr Moonga stated.

He said that he immediately informed his father in Kapiri Mposhi when he learnt of the pregnancy and that he was only waiting for him to come to Lusaka so that they could go to meet the woman’s relatives.

The court ordered Mr Moonga to pay K5, 000 as damage fee even though he still wanted to marry the lady because he had still damaged her.

Magistrate Bwalya also ordered him to contribute towards buying the necessities for the new baby.

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