Man divorced for impregnating his Ex-girlfriend

Written by on March 24, 2019



A Ndola woman has divorced her husband for impregnating his ex-girlfriend with whom he already had another child.

Freda Nankana 22 of Lubuto Township successfully sued her husband Fredrick Phiri 27 of the same township for divorce after he impregnated a woman.

She told the court that the two got married in 2017 and had one child but that her husband did not tell her that he had a child before they got together.

Ms Nankana said last year her husband would frequently communicate with the mother of his child on the phone even at night while the two of them were in bed.

The case came before Kabushi Local Court presiding magistrates Agnes Mulenga, Mildred Namwizye and Evelyn Nalwizya.

“He started sleeping out and would only come back home after some days. In 2018 while I was pregnant he chased me out of the house because I confronted him over his attachment to his former wife and I went to live with my parents,” she said.

She said when she went back to her husband, he stopped talking to her and would not even leave money for food.

Ms Nankana said she went to her parents’ after she gave birth but that her husband did not pick her.

She said she just discovered in January this year that the woman with whom he had a child, was pregnant again and that the husband was responsible for it.

She said she had decided to divorce him so that he could be free to live with his woman since he no longer loved her.

In his statement, Mr Phiri said he did not want to divorce his wife.

He said his wife was aware of the child he had before they married adding that the time he was sued for child support, his wife accompanied him.

He said his wife had no respect and did not know how to communicate properly in the marriage. “She suspects me of having an affair all the time. She knows I am found with my friends who are truck drivers and that was the reason I would sleep out sometimes,” he said.

He said each time he came back with the smell of diesel on his clothes, his wife would scold him that he was with another woman.

Mr Phiri said he did not chase his wife, but just found that she had packed and left on her own.

The court dissolved the marriage on grounds that Mr Phiri had another woman and had turned his wife into a second hand.

The court ordered him to compensate the woman K5,000 with the first payment of K700 thereafter K300 per month and to pay K300 per month as child maintenance.

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