Tutwa Ngulube A Politician, Lawyer and Businessman

Written by on March 20, 2019

Tutwa Sandani Ngulube viewed by many as a controversial politician is a humble man who believes in standing for the truth no matter the situation.

With courage, determination and resiliency, the Kabwe central Member of Parliament (MP) went through many hurdles in life to be where he is.

Tutwa was born on 12th April, 1979 at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in Lusaka from Onesmus Sandani Ngulube and Miriam Tivwale Mtonga Ngulube.

He did his primary education at Woodlands A primary school and went to a Choma secondary school as a boarder where he completed his secondary education in 1997.

Tutwa is married to Glendah Sokontwe Ngulube and together have five beautiful children.

In 1999, he enrolled at the University of Zambia (UNZA) and graduated in 2004 with bachelor’s degree in law.

In 2002 while studying at UNZA, Tutwa started working for Legal Resources Foundation.

After graduating as a law student in 2004, the foundation sponsored him to Zambia Institute of Advance Legal Education (ZIALE).

He came back in 2007 and was admitted to the bar to practice law as a legal practitioner.

Between 2005 and 2007, Tutwa enrolled at the American University in Cairo Egypt for a short course in Human Rights.

While working with Legal Resources Foundation, Tutwa had a privilege of working with nongovernmental  organizations among them Women in Law Southern Africa (WILSA) and Women in Law Development Africa (WILDAF).

Working with WILSA and WILDAF gave Tutwa an opportunity of training paralegals and offering Human Rights courses.

In 2006, Legal Resources Foundation transferred him to Kabwe to be in charge of the Kabwe office where he took over from Abram Mwansa who is now solistor general.

Tutwa Ngulube’s political career started when he was a law student at UNZA having served as a Law Association secretary general. He also vied for UNZA student Union vice president.

It was during this time that he joined the Forum for Development and Democracy (FDD) under the leadership of Lieutenant General, Christon Tembo and Major Richard Kachingwe.

Coming from a humble background, Tutwa decided to join politics to offer a service and add color to politics by being himself.

He noticed that most of the elected leaders always abandoned their people and failed to criticize leadership by running away from the truth.

Tutwa was one of the most influential youths of Kabwata who managed to elect Major Richard Kachingwe as the first FDD MP for Kabwata constituency.

He and his colleagues among them Antonio Mwanza who is currently PF media  deputy director worked very hard as UNZA students during the time FDD swept almost all the parliamentary seats in Lusaka.

At that time, Tutwa and his colleagues despite being students were very instrumental in politics.

In 2004 Tutwa joined the Patriotic Front (PF) when the FDD lost director after the death of its founder General Tembo and worked very closely with the late President Michael Chilufya Sata.

At this time he had already graduated with a bachelor’s degree in law from UNZA.

When the late President Mr Sata decided to stand in 2006, Tutwa and his colleagues managed to gunner a lot of  support and votes for Mr Sata and the PF party.

And when Mr Sata contested in the Presidential by-elections in 2008, Tutwa and his friends were very confident he “Mr Sata” would actually win the elections.

Tutwa had an opportunity to represent Mr Sata as a lawyer when he came face to face with the courts of law as leader of the strongest opposition political part at the time.

As one of the people that worked closely with Mr Sata, Tutwa knew the late President to be a very honest man who inspired him and his colleagues in politics.

Mr Sata’s honest gave Tutwa a lot of courage and its this boldness that makes him speak the truth. In some cases his honesty has made him come in conflict his own party, the PF.

He has enjoyed an opportunity of being a PF member, the party that has given him a privilege of representing the people of Kabwe Central constituency in Parliament.

Viewed as a controversial politician, Tutwa is of the view that controversy is part of politics as it is a power struggle.

He feels that mostly,  people find themselves in situations because either they can’t stand on the truth or feel they are too strong to help the situation.

Not long ago his stance for the truth made some of the PF members to start viewing him as a rebel which was never the truth.

Tutwa is glad that the PF party  leaders and National President, Edgar Chagwa Lungu recognizes his character.

Tutwa who is currently serving his first team as Kabwe central MP is all set to recontest his seat come 2021.

The Kabwe central law maker feels that he has not yet achieved that which he wanted to hence his plans for a second attempt as area MP.

Tutwa  has  however made that he  has not yet achieved the ambition of running for Presidency any time soon stating that he is happy with what he has.

Being am MP, Lawyer and businessman, Tutwa has a lot of pressure with time that he can’t afford any additional task.

He feels that he needs enough time to offer leadership as MP and achieve favourable results.

The Kabwe central MP runs a law firm, Tutwa S Ngulube and company which  like his parliamentary office is a very busy office.

Tutwa loves music and is fluent in seven Zambian languages among them Tumbuka, Lozi, Tonga and Bemba. He also speaks Chinese and Swahili.

Having been a businessman as far as he can remember, Tutwa also runs a Take Away among other businesses and he is currently constructing a hotel in Kabwe Town for his hotel and accommodation business.

A politician who stands for the truth, reputable lawyer and a businessman, Tutwa Sandani Ngulube is a force to reckon with to many young people and emerging politicians in the country.

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