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A concerned parent in Chirundu central ward, Mrs. Linda Bulaya Zimba, has called on stakeholders in the district to come up with an initiative to distribute sanitary pads to school going girls, especially those from poor families.

Mrs. Zimba said it is very sad to learn that in urban and rural parts of Chirundu, some girls missed class for a week every month when they were on menstrual periods a situation she said is disturbing to their studies.

She said that no girl should miss school in the 21st century era for reasons of simply being on their monthly periods.

Mrs. Zimba said it the situation was even worse in the rural parts of the district where the girls are reportedly made to sit on sand, in the sun, when they are menstruating.

She said that this situation is unbearable and emotionally down breaking.

She appealed to stakeholders and well-wishers to come together, donate money to buy sanitary pads for the girls in the community.

Mrs. Zimba also said that girls need to be seriously educated about menstrual hygiene and be supported by both their male and female guardians.

Meanwhile, Dickson Munthari, a parent, said that girls that come of age should be supported by every concerned person.

He said the Member of Parliament, Mr Douglas Syakalima, together with the district commissioner, the chiefs, the councilors, the non-governmental organisations and the churches, should come together to provide free sanitary pads to girls and vulnerable women in the district.

Mr Munthari also appealed to companies operating in the district, like the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) to also consider donating sanitary pads to schools in the area as part of their social corporate responsibility.

He said that stakeholders should find a way to ensure that the girl child always attends school whether on monthly periods or not.

Meanwhile, Favour Mubanga, a grade seven pupil at Simaundu primary school, disclosed that she opted to stay home when she is on her period because her parents cannot afford to buy sanitary pads.

She said that she is scared of staining her uniform because she uses clothes instead of sanitary pads.

She said she would be very grateful if someone bought her sanitary pads for the whole year because then she would not miss classes.

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