Local court defends administrator

Written by on March 19, 2019

THE Boma Local Court has thrown out case of revocation of administrator because it lacks merits.

Chama Namuchimba,36, of Woodlands was sued by Mary Mumba,38, of the same area for allegedly failing to communicate the right information as an administrator.

Mumba explained that she was the former wife of Namuchimba’s late husband with whom she had two children.

She agreed together with the other two women representing the children for Namuchimba to be one of the two administrators.

“At first things were okay, she shared the first money equally among the children. Later she came with the NAPSA documents and we signed without any disputes,

“Suddenly, she started giving excuses when I call and stopped telling us the progress on the money. She started claiming that the money is hers because she is the widow and that I can buy a summon for her if I so wished,” Mumba said.

She heard that her late husband bought a plot in Garden and left some money in the bank account before he died.

“We want these assets to be accounted for and shared equally among the children and it is for this reason I want her to be removed from the position of administrator and tell us the progress of the money at NAPSA, if she received or not,” Mumba said.

The two were appearing before senior local magistrate Ngandwe Mukuka sitting with Martha Tembo.

In defence, Namuchimba said she worked according to the guidelines of an administrator and could not mismanage the money and the assets that her late husband left.

“From the beginning, I have always shared the money equally among the seven children. I cannot abuse my position because I fear being arrested and my children would suffer,” Namuchimba said.

“I have not received any money and that is why I did not call her. The first money I received, we shared it equally among the seven children and there was no problem,” Namuchimba said.

Namuchimba said she did not know why Mumba was complaining about her when she was the one who did not take interest in processing of NAPSA documents.

The court ordered that Namuchimba should remain administrator because there was no one suitable to replace her.

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