Couple split over food, reconciled

Written by on March 18, 2019



The Lusaka Boma Local Court has reconciled a couple that differed over nsima and went on separation for eight months.

This was after Martha Lungu, 47, of Garden House area, was sued for reconciliation by her husband of 26 years Abraham Maimbo aged 57. 

Maimbo testified that the biggest problem happened on February 11, 2019 when he refused to eat nsima prepared by their oldest daughter.

“Because I refused to eat the nsima, my daughter got upset. She asked me why I didn’t want to eat the food she had prepared but I didn’t answer her. I got a pot, went outside the house on the veranda and started cooking my own food. My daughter followed me threatening to beat me and to throw away what I was cooking. 

“I called my wife to teach our daughter manners but while I was talking, my wife started shouting at me and then our daughter came and hit our bedroom door and started shouting as well,” Maimbo said.

He added: “I wanted to go outside to finish what I was cooking but my wife took the grill bar and closed the door. While I was trying to stop her, she slapped me. My daughter also intervened and held me in the waist to stop me from opening the door. 

“Then the neighbours came into the house, separated us but my wife continued shouting and insulting me. When I returned from work the next day, I found that my daughter had shifted to my bedroom and because I couldn’t remove her, I decided to leave the house and stay with my sister. I want to reconcile with my wife because I still love her but I want us to go and rent a house somewhere else to avoid disputes with the children.” 

The two were appearing before senior Magistrates Gaston Kalala and Mpundu Mwape.

But Lungu said they have been in marriage for 26 years and always had disputes and that her husband is a violent man.

“While my husband and our daughter were arguing, I was asleep. He called me and asked me to teach our daughter manners. I came out of the bedroom and found them arguing. I took the grill bar to open the door. He held me on the neck and the children came to stop us

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