Misisi cries for stadium

Written by on March 14, 2019

A CONCERNED resident of Lusaka’s Misisi compound has called on the corporate world and other well-wishers to consider investing in a soccer stadium for the area to help youths stay away from social evils.

Mainda Simataa said the current Misisi football ground was in bad shape and falling apart due to neglect.

Speaking in an interview with the Sun sports, Simataa said that there was need for local and central governments to consider in investing in social infrastructure development and upgrading of Misisi ground.

Simataa observed that the ground that was centrally located in the heart of the ungazetted compound was an important facility not only in Misisi but  other surrounding areas as well because it acted as a recreation centre and  used by different teams in various FAZ lower leagues.

He bemoaned the lack of facilities such as toilets, stands around the ground and a proper pitch which was now just a gravel making it not conducive for players to use it.

“I am appealing to central and local governments to work on the infrastructure as you can see it is just gravel, it doesn’t have stands where spectators can sit to watch games,

“I can say there’s need to invest in the infrastructure by local or central government as a way to keep youths out of anti- social behaviour such as crime, prostitution, drug and alcohol abuse, said Simataa.

He said there was a high dropout rate in Misisi among boys and girls of school age because their parents could not afford to pay their fees hence football became an outlet which they could pursue to earn a living.

Over the years Misisi has produced some notable soccer players such as former national team player Jack Chileshe who was now running an academy at the same facility.

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