Matero man ordered to pay K500 child maintenance

Written by on March 14, 2019

A MAN of Lusaka’s Matero Compound has been ordered to pay K500 as monthly maintenance fee by a local court to support a child he has with his former lover.

Christopher Muyenga, 42, was sued by his former lover Precious Namonje,39, of Lilanda compound in the Boma Local Court.

Namonje explained that she bought her first summon in 2014, and the court ordered that she should be receiving K350 per month from Muyenga for child maintenance.

“Moving forward, I told him that the money wasn’t enough and he said he had taken loan and couldn’t manage to pay more money,

“I waited and thought that he would increase the amount he was giving me, but nothing happened. He doesn’t pay for my son’s medical needs I always have to struggle to find money,”Namonje said.

She said from the time their son was born, Muyenga had never bought anything for him.

The two were appearing before Senior Local Court Magistrates Ngandwe Mukuka and Martha Tembo.

In his defence, Muyenga said he had been paying child maintenance from the time he was taken to court in 2014.

“Last year, Namonje asked me to assist her with K3, 000 for business so that she can stop of her asking me for money even for small things. I gave her the K3, 000 and maintained paying K350,

“I explained to her about the loan. It’s just that the salaries have been delayed. I will pay her once I receive,” Muyenga said.  Muyenga maintained that he had been supporting his son ever since and it was only this month that he just delayed in doing so.

The court ordered Muyenga to instead be paying K500 and provide all the needs for the child.

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