Cop divorces adulterous wife

Written by on March 13, 2019

…hubby says she is not worth to be called a wife



A WOMAN of Lusaka’s Mtendere Compound has lost her marriage in a local court for being promiscuous.

Mutinta Hangoma, 28, was sued in Chelstone Local Court by her husband Mubita Nduba,31, police officer of the same compound for divorce for being adulterous.

Nduba told Senior Local Court Magistrate Charity Milambo that Hangoma was not worthy to be called a wife because of her promiscuous life.

“She is not worthy to be called a wife and I lost love for her along time.” Said Nduba

He sued his wife of seven years for divorce on allegations that she had been an adulterous woman ever since they got married.

He told court that on several occasions he caught Hangoma with love text messages from other men.

“I recently caught her with another man and this time around I demanded compensation through court of which I was granted a K20,000,”” said Nduba

He said that he longer trusted his wife because of the same issue of going out with men on different occasions.

“She has been flirting in my absence. I even have proof of Face book and WhatsApp text messages. My wife used to call men to come take her out, as if I wasn’t providing everything for her,” complained Nduba

He elaborated that, being a police officer it had never been easy to live with such a wife because most of the time he was way at work.

“My wife doesn’t care about me, could you believe that it has been two years since we kissed? Each time I ask she gives me excuses,

“ I anm tired of begging her to change, it’s a pity that I beg for my conjugal rights at times. I just want her to leave because I don’t know what might happen in future,” said Nduba

In defence, Hangoma told court that she still loved her husband and was not for

“He says he wants divorce which I am not accepting because I want us to keep our child together. But if he insists to divorce me let his will be done and he should just leave me with a

child,” Hangoma said.

In cross examination Hangoma was asked by Nduba why she claimed to have loved him while still doing things that could hurt him.

And in submission Nduba prayed for
divorce that Hangoma could have the
freedom to flirt properly.

“Divorce is granted without compensation but property acquired together should be shared equally, “said Magistrate

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