Kaunda Square man fined K5, 000 for adultery

Written by on March 12, 2019



A MAN of Lusaka’s Kaunda Square has been ordered by the Boma Local Court to pay a businessman of Woodlands K5, 000 in compensation for committing adultery with his wife

Before Local Court Magistrate Prudence Bwalya was KachingweSichalwe 34 who was ordered to compensate Festus Hanjase, 42, for having an affair with his wife.

Hanjase told the court that he had been married to his wife PetronellaMweene for almost 15 years. 

He said that two years ago he noticed some change in her as she acted differently.

“She stopped doing simple things like making the bed, washing plates, and started spending too much time on the phone,” he stated.

Hanjase also told the court that one time he got his wife’s phone and got a number she had often been communicating with and after calling it Sichalwe answered. 

“I asked this gentleman why he’s always talking to my wife and he just hang up. Because I know him, I phoned his uncle and asked him to confront him but things still continued,” he disclosed.

He later discovered that his wife was pregnant and when he asked her who was responsible, she told him that she was raped when she went to do business in Nakonde but did not report the matter to police.

“My wife used to do business with Sichalwe in Nakonde where they made that child. A month ago when my wife’s uncle sat us down over this issue, my wife admitted that it was Sichalwe who was responsible,” Mr Hanjase said

Sichalwe did not deny the allegations but however said Mweene had told him that she had divorced her husband about 4 years ago.

Ms Mweene then told the court that she had problems in her marriage to Mr Hanjase which started in 2010 when he lost his job. 

“He became a different man. He stopped being concerned about my health, even when I was sick he would not help me with anything despite him knowing that my blood pressure gets high when I’m pregnant. At the time I was expecting my second child,” Ms Mweene said

She further added that her husband had also stopped having sex with her and stopped sleeping home. He would also sleep in the car sometimes.

“He never touched me for 2 years and 6 months. We were on separation but living under the same roof. I met Sichalwe and got pregnant for him when I was in Nakonde for business,” Ms Mweene admitted

The court found that adultery was committed as both Sichalwe and Mweene readily admitted having sexual relations.

It said for the emotional stress that Sichalwe had brought to Hanjase; he should to pay him K5, 000.

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