Written by on March 11, 2019

The scourge of gang violence in Lusaka has reached frightening levels and the need to find sustainable solutions cannot be overemphasized.

There has reportedly been around numerous booms of criminals attacking innocent residents who have not only lost their valuables but lives in some instances.

Yes innocent people are dying or being maimed almost every day in our capital city of Lusaka as the security situation deteriorates.

Take this latest incident in Linda compound of Chilanga district where police have arrested two people suspected to have poisoned 51-year-old Maggie Mwewa and her tenant’s two-year-old daughter in unexplained circumstances.

Her husband, John Mwewa, says two men, who work at his plot as tile fixers, allegedly put poison in the Nshima which his wife, and the poor neighbour’s child unknowingly ate and died a few minutes later. This is simply mind-bending!

Mr Mwewa says that the matter was reported to Linda Police Post and that the two tile fixers have since been apprehended as suspects to help police with investigations.

But the truth of the matter is that criminals in Lusaka appear to be always a step ahead of our police who may be seen not to be doing much on the growing criminal gangs in Lusaka.

The Junkies, Fluffys and many others still roam our streets and compounds today, robbing and killing innocent people at will.

So it now means that our police have to double up their efforts if they have to be ahead of these good-for nothing felons.

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