Women snubbed in sports admin

Written by on March 10, 2019



FORMER Zambia women national soccer team coach Enala Simbeye says women can greatly contribute to the development of the sport if given a chance as administrators.

Speaking on ZNBC TV2 Morning Live programme on Women’s Day celebration, Simbeye bemoaned lack of women in key decision making positions in the world of sport.

Simbeye said lack of women participation had negatively affected Zambian sports.

“Give us the chance as women in sport not only to play or coach but even in sport administration and we can deliver because we are trained in these jobs” Simbeye said.

Simbeye also said that in order to make women soccer popular, there was need for games to be played at proper venues.

“That would help promote women soccer because more people will want to come and watch the games at stadiums unlike the current situation where women soccer league games are mostly played in compounds where infrastructure is bad,

“Here our juniors (men) get to be picked for some trainings and women are being left out simply because we are women. That is very sad. We love sports and just need to be supported and we can deliver”.

And Simbeye who is a CAF elite instructor said it was time for women to be looked at as “professionals” in various sports disciplines and not as women!

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