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Written by on March 9, 2019

LET us be more scientific and avoid making emotional decisions when picking national soccer team coach, says local soccer analyst Iva Lengwe.

Lengwe said Zambians should not only focus on a coach to qualify the team to a particular tournament, but that FAZ to engage a trainer who would deliver expectation in the long run.

“The challenge is that we take a lot of emotional decisions and that is not helping us. We need to be more scientific and say we are hiring this coach because we have fully studied the issue,” Lengwe said.

Speaking in an interview with the Sun, Lengwe said FAZ should look beyond engaging a coach on the basis of qualifying the team.

“Qualification is one thing and getting results is another. So if that is not helping us as is the case with our national team currently, we need to study this issue before arriving at a final decision as to whether we engage a local or foreign coach,” he said.

Lengwe further said FAZ and other stakeholders should analyze the issue of the national coach, adding that it was time to hire someone who could take the team forward.

Last year FAZ engaged Sven Vandenbroek with a specific task of qualifying the team to the AfCON but the Belgian has since failed to do so. FAZ through the general secretary Adrian Kashala said the association would not be renewing his contract which expires at the end of this month because he had failed to deliver as was

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